Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm a poet, and didn't know it.

Posted on 11:30 PM by Charlie Milwall

In the midst of sundown's haze and hues
My shadow's form, it reaches far.
The coming twilight hails the moon,
And greeted by the evening star.

My thoughts are held by tenuous peace,
My hands gripped tight by insecurity's throes.
I meekly summon with desperate plea,
The brave spirit to overcome my foes.

I now stand alone on granite rock,
Feeling the world's gentle rhythm ties.
I'm forced to hark back to my blackened past,
Alas! I now see with enlightened eyes.

i wrote this whilst tweeting. LOL. no idea what to use as a title for this. any suggestions? if you suggest a title i like, i'll give you credit. :D i go through these spurts of "artistic" dabbling, and i actually noticed that i've not had one in months, which was unusual for me. concentrating too much on work, i guess. this was probably my mind's way to telling me to balance things out. and tonight i gave in, and in hindsight, gladly. :) we shall see when i next get inspired to do something "artistic".

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