Sunday, March 28, 2010

A pointless post

Posted on 9:30 PM by Charlie Milwall

this song has been playing over and over in my head. not sure how it came up. i think it might have been a twitter convo on musicals. anyway, i decided to record myself, and used the voice clip as a soundtrack for a video of my little alien friend. you can tell i've got too much time on my hands. and that's good because i've been terribly busy the past six weeks. i almost reached the point of cracking, but managed to hold it together, thanks to my twitter friends. not sure what the point of this post is, but i will likely edit it in the next few days or so to actually have something worthy of reading.

i wrote a three-paragraph post about the relative intimacy of a passionate kiss and sex, but blogger crashed and my draft was never saved. it's hard to rewrite the whole things because what i'd written was almost a stream of consciousness - from brain to keyboard. anyway, in my opinion a kiss is more intimate, but just based on my own experiences. i had anonymous sex, one-night stands with no strings attached. i really had no genuine plans of seeing those guys. there may have been kissing involved there, but they weren't memorable. it was empty. in other words, all the physical things i did during those times did not yield any emotional bonds. on the other hand, all the meaningful relationships that i've had all started with a kiss, and the foundations for those relationships were those respective first kisses. i would like to reiterate that these are personal views. some or all of you may disagree with me, and i expect that. we all have different experiences.

i posted this on twitter, that kisses may be more intimate than sex. one reply that i received actually gave me an interesting insight into this question. he replied that escorts who sell sex for money never kiss, and would not take more money to kiss or be kissed by the client. to me that speaks volumes. sex can be sold, and kisses are not.

regardless, any form of intimacy where there is a great deal of emotional investment should be valued. when we have gotten out of our system the urge for one-night stands and/or anonymous sex, a truly passionate kiss would be a good place to start. :)

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