Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tilt-shift photography

Posted on 9:45 PM by Charlie Milwall

i decided to try this tilt-shift app for iphone. it actually processes images already taken, so it's not the real tilt-shift that requires a special lens for the camera. for the price of less than two quid, it's not bad, i guess. i'm not a professional, so my standards are quite low, when it comes to photography. here's a couple of images i took - one at wembley, and the other inside the brighton dome. the object is to make the subject look like a miniature. this is achieved by blurring the foreground and background, with the photo taken from a high angle. if i want more of these images, i'm going to have to find a high vantage point for picture taking and use a better camera than an iphone cam, which is not the best, by the way. anyone want to take me to the london eye? lol.

here are two pictures i found from this site.

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