Friday, October 23, 2009

Class trumps gay pride

Posted on 7:00 PM by Charlie Milwall

was in the train to london, getting in very late to work. a group of six gay twentysomethings boarded. it was obvious that they were all good friends, and heading to london for a good time. they were all fit, and unfortunately they knew it too. i sensed a bit of vanity. they were having a conversation, and quite loudly, i might add. actually only three of the six were loud, specially one that had a thick northwest accent. i was sitting in the seat behind them so i could clearly hear what they were talking about, and so did everyone else in the coach. at first it was humourous. they were talking about a friend who was obsessed with another guy that they all knew. i guess this friend was throwing himself at this guy. i missed a few minutes of the conversation (not that i was eavesdropping; they were just loud and one could not help hear everything they were talking about) as i had to take a phone call. after the call, i realised that they were talking about barebacking and how to medicate their arseholes. ewww. by this time, i was not at all enjoying involuntarily hearing the rest of the conversation. and i suspect no one else in the coach did either, although i didn't look around. and this brings me to my question...

were they doing this for shock value? maybe it was just an utter lack of class on their part? i'm very much into being proud of ones sexuality. i'm gay, and i'm very proud of it. but i think this has crossed the line. there are just some things that are not done in public - one of them is talking LOUDLY about unprotected anal sex and how to soothe your arsehole after participating in one. i just can't get my head around this, in terms of their motivation. there was not even a hint of embarrassment on their part. they have every right to talk about whatever they want in public, but i just wished that they could have done it softly, without subjecting others to it.

i don't know. some of you may think of me as a prude, but in my opinion, class trumps pride in sexuality.

when we got to victoria station, each one took out a feather boa. LOL. looks like the boys intended to hit london in style. one of the guys in the group is celebrating his birthday. and the party started at around noon. i could only imagine what they felt the following morning. actually i don't want to imagine it.

anyway, i'm glad that they are very proud of being gay, but there is definitely other ways to express that pride. and talking about barebacking loudly is not one of them.

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