Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Posted on 8:48 PM by Charlie Milwall

this clip from the movie paris je t'aime was what inspired the title of this blog. i've known the song lonely blue boy much earlier, but never really thought much about it until i saw this clip. it took on a different meaning. not sure what, though. it just "sounded" different to me. maybe it was the context that the clip gave it. that's funny because it's usually the other way around, the song giving a movie additional context or depth, or both.

the clip is about soulmates, in my opinion. soulmates meet in ordinary circumstances, and only the lucky few recognise these circumstances to be in the least ordinary. it makes me think if i've missed my chance, or if it has yet to happen, or better yet, if it's happening now. a good reason to keep our minds, our eyes, and our hearts open. you just never know.

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