Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Caught in the middle?

Posted on 6:45 AM by Charlie Milwall

i've just found out during dinner tonight that two of my really good friends have fallen out. i was having dinner with one of them and she didn't say anything about it. i sensed that she was keeping something from me, and she was - the whole falling out thing. they both agreed that it should be kept from me so that i wouldn't feel that i was caught in the middle. well, i am; i chose to, and i won't let this happen. i asked friend number 1 if it would be alright to speak to friend #2. so i'll do this when i get back to london. i will need to gather my thoughts and prepare what i will say. i only have a handful of close friends, and i consider them my closest friends. i treasure these friendships, i nurture them, and i will not stand by and watch them wilt and die. interestingly, it's not easy to get to this level with me, but once you do, then you are my friend for life.

the situation is unusual, but i don't think it's insurmountable. i just need to have them see with an objective eye what the real issue is. it's not about their friendship. it's more about the working relationship, that somehow crept into the friendship. i just need to tread carefully as one (friend #2) is stubborn and has quite a temper. not that i'm scared in incurring their wrath. i just want to be able to keep the emotional level under control, so that we can both clear and comprehensible to each other. maybe the 10-hr flight back to london will give me the time i need to think.

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